Well, it finally happened. After a little over three years of inconsistent and lazy posting and writing, I finally finished my Merlin fic, Compromising Position.

It was a struggle to even want to look at it over the past year but yesterday I dunno, I just felt it. And I vomited out a new chapter. Pleased enough with it but it certainly isn't my best. This was my plan though, to finish it the way I did so yay to that. Nothing makes me more sad than ending a story different than I planned because I lost interest and just couldn't struggle through it any more.

But it's done now, over with and I can move on to other fic ideas. And man do I have A TON. Way too many. I believe I have about 100 prompts, both Merlin fics and original (that could be Merlin fics honestly if I changed some things) and keep adding to that list every week as ideas come to me. It's a problem, truly.

Now I just need to finish writing Beneath the Surface and then I'm a free woman and can start a new story! Wahoooo!

Been a while

I told myself I was going to start doing regular posts....and clearly that worked well. Oops.


I am now 2 weeks overdue on my ACBB. Again, oops. I thought I was going to have more time, a nice chunk in between gigs to write and finish and well that didn't happen. And now I've kinda lost interest, just want to get it done, and am just trying to push through. Sigh.
But on the other hand I have had new enthusiasm for my original YA gay Oregon trail novel. It's been sitting on my computer, minimal plot with lots of notes and 3k written for over a year now so it's about time it gets its time. I want to do a slow nanowrimo, planned on doing the 50k over the span of Oct and Nov but my brain isn't allowing myself to work on it without first finishing ACBB (because it needs to get done NOW). I just gotta finish that damn story. Siiiiiggggghhhhhh.

(Not even going to bring up the fact that Compromising Position needs to be finished too. Gotta do that too....)

And now on top of all this, I just finished wrapping out a gig yesterday and I will be starting pre production on my newest gig on Monday. Really excited for this feature (back to working with that awesome costume designer I mentioned in my previous post) but also man I wish I had time to write! Oh the work life.

Ok, now I'm off to go try and pump out another chapter for ACBB....

My Boss doesnt realize what she's done...

Story time!

So I'm working on a Lionsgate feature right now and for a costume designer I haven't worked with before. That's always a little nerve wracking but this lady is marvelous and her right hand woman and their costume PA are also gems. Love these gals so much. Anyway...

We are all sitting at lunch one day on set and we have gotten on the subject of sewing and what I can do. So I am showing my new bosses my Instagram where I have all my cosplay work and costumes displayed and the Costume Designer (CD) looks at one cosplay and the convo goes like this:

CD: "oh that's great!"
Me: "that's my Anne Bonny cosplay. From Black Sails"
CD: "oh you watch that show?! My friend is in it"

(At this point I'm thinking like most people who work in the film industry do that oh yeah your friend probably had a small role, was in one episode for all of five seconds because this is how it usually goes with people in LA. Everyone knows someone in any show because it's hard not to when everyone knows an aspiring actor. Or that she worked with someone in the show and they are "friends". Aka not really friends you just worked with them and had general interactions. But anyway I ask...)

Me: "oh really? Who?"
CD: "Tom Hopper?"

(And I die.)

Me: "What?! You know Tom Hopper?!"

(Then she proceeds to kill me further)

CD: "yeah I dated his friend Eoin Macken"

(I'm literally screaming internally and trying not to freak out and ask a million questions)

Me: "oh my god seriously?"
CD: "yeah. You know him?"
Me: "yes! They were both in Merlin my all time favorite show in the entire world"
CD: "hahaha. I never saw that show."
Me: "I can't believe you know them"
CD: "yeah I dated Eoin for a year or so and we all just hung out and became good friends."

And so that is the day I died and learned that my new boss is much cooler than I originally thought (and I already thought she was pretty awesome). She then proceeded to show me pictures of them together as if I didn't immediately believe her at her word.

Besides all that gloriousness, working on this feature with all these fabulous ladies in the costume department has been so much fun and I love them to pieces. They are all wonderful and I couldn't ask for a better team.

Okay, story time over you may proceed with your day now.

PS: if she wasn't cool enough already, the CD also went on a date with Tom Felton back in the day and then turned him down for a second date because she "just wasn't into him"

It is done! Well, half of it...sorta

FINALLY! After a grueling four days of writing nearly 3k/day, my rough draft and summary for ACBB has been turned in. Phew! It was a roller coaster of emotions, hating my story, losing motivation, finding inspiration, and then losing it through some other problem, getting so angry at the horrible writing I was producing, and then bursting through with idea after idea and jut letting the writing flow. Sigh. But I think I'm starting to really like this story now. I seriously hated it a few days ago and nearly said fuck it and backed out of the challenge completely. But after some brainstorming and encouragement from my lovely Scotland pal (you have seriously saved this fic from being thrown out and forgotten. Seriously, it would not have been written at all if it wasn't for you), this story is really coming together!

But seriously, I have GOT TO STOP PROCRASTINATING. I can write 4k words a day, have even written 7k once (I believe that was for last years ACBB, and so I could reach the rough draft deadline and minimum word count as well! Wow, at least I'm consistent...) but my brain doesn't appreciate it much afterwords. Sleep, I need sleep.

The fun and excitement of artist claiming will be worth it though :D

I should be writing

I thought I was a bad procrastinator in college. Boy was I wrong. When there's no pressure of a bad grade or a negative effect to not finishing or turning in something, I get even worse. So sorry to all those who have been waiting for a new chapter to Compromising Position. It's coming just....very slowly. Like glacial (though seeing how the glaciers are melting alarmingly fast maybe that's not the best comparison...).

On top of that I have to write 12k more of my ACBB fic. Yeah....

FIC (Merlin RVBB): Ebb and Flow

Finally it's my day to post my entry to the Merlin Reverse Big Bang merlinreversebb, inspired by argentsleeper fabulous Pushing Daisies themed art.

Art Prompt Title: Pushing Daisies
Art link: Link to follow
Artist: argentsleeper

Fic Title: Ebb and Flow
Characters/Pairings: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: Teen and Up
Word Count: 6135
Warnings: Temporary Character Death, Angst

Summary: Eight hundred years after Arthur's death, Merlin is at the end of his rope. In a fit of desperation, he channel's his magic and forces his king to return to the modern world, but his actions have consequences even he could not have foreseen. Loosely inspired by Pushing Daisies.

This is new

Basically I have no idea what I'm doing on here but ummm yeah here I am. Hopefully there will be stories, entries about my life on different sets, ravings and ranting about tv shows, random things when I'm bored, I dunno whatever strikes my fancy. Whatever comes out, it'll be great (I hope)